The Validize Services

Your single point of engagement

Your extended outreach to the vendors

We have an existing and close relationship with each and every vendor in the platform, we know who to turn to and how to get the ball rolling.  

Your foot on the ground

Need direct support on-site? We reside close to the market and do it for you, eliminating time, travel and unnecessary expenses. 

Tailored Virtual Roadshows

Tell us what are your challenges or what technologies and solutions your customers are requesting. We’ll pick and choose for you the top validated solutions you can engage with. You’ll get a personal 1:1 session with each of the chosen vendors and we’ll follow up with any necessary engagement post-roadshow.


Research for Corporate Innovation

Looking to open a cyber security innovation office in Israel? Scouting for a new technology? Need to know the latest trends? Validize is part of the local cybersecurity market. 

Validize has already performed numerous business and market analyses, mapping relevant vendors to enterprises’ needs. 

We get you started on this process and see it through. With Validize, you’ll be working only with validated solutions.