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Validize empowers companies to quickly answer questions related to their own business, their third parties, companies they are interested in investing in and cyber solutions they wish to acquire.


Working with technologies and methods that continually uncover critical security risks that companies were unaware of.
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Yinon Hacmon


Yinon leads innovation processes and establishes collaborations between global corporations and Israeli startups to create technological advantages. served as a senior manager in government and private cyber organizations. Holds BSc engineering degree in information technology and MA in Cyber Politics from Tel-Aviv University.

Achiad Alter


Mr. Alter has founded the Cyber Security Unit at the Israel Export Institute, an organization certified by the Ministry of Economy and worked closely with the Israeli National Cyber Directorate. In his role, he assisted hundreds of Israeli cyber technology companies during their growth and exposed their technologies to international markets. 

Advisory Board

Avi Shavit

Advisory Board

Avi served for more then 15 years as the Head of Cyber & Homeland Security Sector at the Israel Innovation Authority, as part of his roll, he appointed by the Israeli Prime Minister to built the Israeli roadmap in cyber warfare. Avi evaluated and analyzed hundreds of companies for investment, and mentored several more companies in their various growth stages for different investors.

Lior Frenkel

Advisory Board

Lior Frenkel is the CEO and co-founder of Waterfall Security Solutions, the global leader in unidirectional security gateways, providing cutting edge OT security technology for industrial control networks. Waterfall Security operates worldwide via its network of subsidiaries, global alliances, and local partners. As part of his thought leadership and contribution to the industry, Lior serves as member of management at Israeli High-Tech Association (HTA), of the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, and as the Chairman of the Cyber Forum

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